Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My life is changing

I could not write the blog as often as I wished to in the last few months. This blog, Sunday Posts, was supposed to be about thoughts and ideas, and I suppose the hard, practical facet of life took precedence during this period. I was having a thinking holiday, which was refreshing, but one I can not afford for much longer.

My life is set to change now. I am taking over as the Overseas Development Director for a training and recruitment company this Friday, and will be straight onto the airport thereafter. This inevitably means even more pressured thinking and lot less time to write a blog.

I could have let the blog die. I did seriously consider that, and pledged to return to blog writing when I would have restored sanity and comfort in my life again. But, then, I had this flash of insight – first in many days – such a thing will never happen.

I realised that it is a much better idea to turn this blog into a daily diary, trivial in the context of my lofty goals, but alive. I realised my thoughts will now be hidden in the life I live, and new possibilities will arise and die everyday. So, be it – a daily diary in Sunday Posts, I shall retain the name for my vanity, where I shall write about my travels, my learning, my failings, my vanity and my life. This is thought harvesting, I paused o think, I shall be able to think because I live, and there is no better tutor in thinking than those harsh, trivial realities of life which reign supreme at times like this.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Very British Affair

So, it seems BAE had paid Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, ex-Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States, whose face and name became familiar to all of us in days following the 9/11, upto $120 million a year, in bribes.

Well, we knew that. That's not news. The Serious Fraud Office in UK wanted to investigate, but dropped the case after the Government stepped in. That's also old news.

What should make us pause and think, however, is what Tony Blair said in justifying why the investigations should be dropped.

He said that if the SFO investigation into BAE had not been dropped, it would have led to "the complete wreckage of a vital strategic relationship and the loss of thousands of British jobs".

Vital Strategic Relationship with a corrupt, repressive and undemocratic Saudi regime, one must note. Also, of course, protecting British jobs justify bribing and securing contracts under the table - for our comfort.

Strategic Relationship is more valuable for rule of law, it is okay to bribe if that protects jobs, it is great to sponsor corruption - that's the message we get. And, perhaps, also that very British message - Do Not Embarass.

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